Marketing vs. Painting

It is said that you have to split your time evenly between marketing and painting to be successful as an artist.  Although I do like the marketing aspect of art I can’t say I find this an easy task.  I am trying to be more aware of how much time I actually spend marketing.  My honest assessment would be in the area of 20% and that may even be a wishful stretch.  So my very late new years resolution is to nudge it up to 40%.  If I can stand it then maybe I’ll go for 50% in 2016.  I started with 1900 postcards advertising my summer outdoor shows which is more than double my usual.  And I’m doing a targeted effort to designers.  This includes a brochure they will receive this week along with regular updates every quarter.  I’m stamping postcards by the hundreds with positive energy and creating lots of momentum.  And then sending them off into the world to share my love of painting!