Art show season…

The first show of the season is always exciting.  After spending months on end in the studio painting I emerge to see what paintings will attract the eye of the viewers first.  And I’m almost always wrong about what the favorites will be.  Almost.  I did pick a few that we’re in the top five but we artists are generally judging based on things the buyers don’t judge on.  In the end I believe certain subjects grab the hearts of certain viewers.  People love cows…I watched them smile time after time at the close up faces I painted.  Perhaps animals in general?  People love flowers but red flowers seem to attract more attention than other colors.  Poppies, geraniums and tulips.  And they love a path that leads to the beach especially if it is drenched in sunlight.

That was the first show.  Now the second show — well that could be a whole different story.  Stay tuned and paint on!

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“Strike A Pose”         6 x 6        Original Oil Painting