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If you are interested in a custom designed painting for your space this is the easiest and most fun way to go!  We begin with your ideas, colors, size requirements and go from there. We can base the painting on something I have already painted or we can design a new painting together based on a special place (person, animal or home, etc) near and dear to your heart. This is truly a creative collaboration and everyone that has commissioned a painting says they’re surprised how easy and fun the process was.  You will be involved every step of the way.  After meeting (or emailing for long distance) and going over your ideas we begin with a sketch or small painting to see the general idea.  Daily updates of any work done on the painting will follow with your feedback. This way we are always on the same page and there are no surprises.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.

Here are some recent commissions…

“Twilight Reflections”  30×60  Oil

“I’ve Got You”  36×24  Oil


“Janets Nantucket Garden”   72×72   Oil

“Dreaming Of Denmark”   36×72  36×36  Oil

“The Perfect Day”    24×36   Oil

“Winter Whites”   24×36  Oil

“Lily & Jack”   24×36  Oil

“The Tripper”   40×40  Oil

“Poppies Forever”   36×72   Oil

“Summer Sail”   30×48   Oil

“Summer Lights”    30×48   Oil

“My Boys”  12×12 set  Oil

“I’m Too Sexy For My Fur”    6×6  Oil

“Peabody’s Beach”   6×6  Oil

“Signs”   6×6  Oil

“Members Only”   6×6  Oil

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